ComEd 2024 Heat Pump Rebate Training (Part 1 of 2)


This video is one-half of the training required to receive ComEd rebates in 2024.

You must also complete ComEd’s webinar linked at the bottom of this page.

Qualifying Air-Source Heat Pump Systems


M15 Heat Pump + Air Handler

M20 Heat Pump + [Air Handler OR Coil + BGH96 Furnace]

Mini Splits (except 115v and 36k single-zone, and 2 and 5 multi-zone systems)



NS18 Heat Pump + [Coil OR Air Handler]


Sales Tips – Discussing Heat Pumps w/ Homeowners

  1. How to Sell Using Features + Benefits
  2. Setting Homeowner Expectations/Discussing Limitations


New for ’24 – Napoleon NS18 Heat Pumps

Able is the exclusive home for NS18 heat pump in Chicagoland

Why is it important? The NS18 is one of the only condensers that qualifies without an air handler or furnace.


Heat Pump Installation Basics

  1. Thermostat Selection – Napoleon offers smart thermostat compatibility
    1. Programming
  2. Heat Pump Wiring
  3. Heat Pump Unit Setup
    1. Dip Switches
  4. Heat Pump Refrigerant Charging


Distributor Training Quiz (required)

Once the video is over, please click the following link to take a brief quiz on what you saw:


ComEd Webinar

After you complete the quiz, it’s time for ComEd’s section of the training.


  1. Go to
  2. Register an account using your company name and info
  3. Check your inbox for the invitation email and click “Start Course Now”
  4. Set a password and click “Submit”
  5. View the follwoing 4 modules and complete the quiz at the end: 1. Air Source Heat Pump Applications 2. Replacing Air Conditioners with ASHPs 3. Heat Pump Control Strategies and Best Practices 4. Designing Air Source Heat Pumps with Sizing and Selection in Mind. The other 4 are optional and are not required for getting certified.

If you are watching this in 2023, that’s all you need to do.

Starting on 01.01.2024, each module will include a quiz.



Just like in 2023, Able’s online webshop will have a complete chart of eligible systems and the rebate for which they qualify—just type ‘rebates’ in the search bar or click the following link:


We have also updated our solutions page with rebate-ready prebuilt equipment packages. These are essentially turnkey systems designed by Able—guaranteed compatibility, guaranteed rebate, added to your cart with a single click. All qualifying systems will display the rebate value as part of a quote or in your Able cart.